7 Ways of Using Lapel Pins

Thinking of a cost-effective and elegant way to reward employees, promote the company’s brand or to actively stay in a community? Check out these 7 ways of using lapel pins in different people’s situations.

  1. Meeting new customers. Trade shows are one sure way of meeting thousands of prospective clients in person over a short period of time. Even if they are being introduced to each other, how many among them can still know and remember each other the day after? Instead of giving out business cards or coupons that are more likely to be forgotten, why not give a lapel pin that’s designed like the company’s logo? Not only that it can be easily pinned to any type of fabric, it also serves as a branding for every business.
  2. Rewarding loyalty. Annual events and festivals enable the business to enjoy its success and rewarding its best customers through the years as well. Free items, foods and balloons can make the celebration full of fun but issuing a lapel pin that’s created for the occasion will surely remind everyone of their undying commitment to serve each and every customer.
  3. Lapel PinsSponsoring different sporting events. Planning to reach hundreds of prospective customers quickly? Conducting a “pin day” during a particular event will surely do the work for a business. Using custom designed pins with the company’s logo as giveaways to the first 1,500 people who will watch a live NBA game might be a good idea. Another exciting business idea is to add discounted offers on services or products every time they will visit the store wearing their pins.
  4. Recognizing employees. When the employees are happy and highly engaged, there will be an improved results on their level of customer service and productivity which can lead to higher profits. One way of honoring their contributions and achievements is by giving tokens of appreciation to them. Gift cards and paper certificates will surely make employees feel their value in the organization they work for but these things fade and tend to be forgotten easily. Alternatively, lapel pins can be proudly used or displayed in a shelf for years. For those people who are working on that same company for a long time now, constantly meeting the expected quality of work or just celebrating an important milestone in their career, these pins reflect the memories they can share to others.
  5. Rewarding volunteers. Recognize people who are always willing to donate their time, money and effort to an organization without expecting in return. Giving a small form of gratitude like a lapel pin is one way of thanking them. In addition, when they proudly wear the pin, it could also help in raising awareness of the organization’s cause.
  6. Recognizing top performers. Giving out awards during fund raising campaigns is one way of appreciating the hard work of all people who supported the activities. Use color-coded pins to signify rankings and it will surely provide a friendly and healthy competition among the volunteers. Now, that’s exciting to see who’s up to achieve the “diamond” ranking.
  7. Announcing candidacy. Politicians who are looking for memorable alternatives for posters and flyers should consider using customized lapel pins. Not only that these pins talk about endorsement, these also reflect politicians’ strong commitment and values.

Whatever the usage is, one sure thing is that the look of these pins works to convey messages to people. More importantly, lapel pins are affordable enough to be used on different occasions. The design only requires artwork, color matching and craftsmanship and that’s all. Keep in mind that these pins reflect a particular branding, so make sure that they are on top quality when made.