Buying Guide For Golf Apparel

While you would certainly want to look your best when playing golf, there is more to wearing golf apparel than being stylish. Golfers must work around the weather and maintain peak performance at all times. You will need appropriate golf clothing and accessories that can withstand the elements and provide comfort, support, and protection.

Golf apparel is an important aspect of the game’s decorum. Golfers generally base their choice of apparel on style, comfort, impact on performance, and budget. Most golf courses impose certain dress codes which must be taken into account when you’re buying golf clothing and accessories.

A golfer’s apparel consists of appropriate tops, pants, shorts, skirts, golf shoes, gloves, head wear, and sunglasses.

Golf Tops

Golf TopsGolfing attires are traditionally modest. While golf shirts are becoming more stylish than ever, many golfers will still want to maintain the simple elegance that has been the trademark of golf clothing. Most golf courses, for instance, require both male and female golfers to wear collared shirts during their rounds on the green. They can opt for a casual polo look or wear shirts with button-up front. Except that women’s tops are usually more fitted, there’s hardly any difference between men and women’s golf top.

Golf shirts are commonly made of polyester, cotton, microfiber, or spandex material and are available in different colors and styles.

Golfers may wear short-sleeved or long-sleeved tops and the choice will usually depend on the weather condition during plays. You may opt to wear a golf jacket or outer wear over your shirt during cold, rainy, and windy days.

Waterproof jackets made of lightweight material offer breathability, comfort, and protection when you’re out in the open air during wet weather days. Waterproofing materials keep the rain from soaking through and provides additional protection from cold winds. It’s best to always carry a warm jacket when you’re playing because weather conditions may change abruptly.

Prices of golf tops will vary depending on material, style, and features. Nowadays, you don’t have to compromise quality golf wear with budget. Online stores offer a great range of golf apparel at significantly lower prices. Visit to find the best deals in golf tops and apparel.

Golf Bottoms

Golf bottom apparel consists of shorts or pants for men and pants, skirts, shorts, or skorts for women.

Course dress codes dictate whether men can wear long pants or shorts. Golf slacks or khakis are the standard for most private country clubs. Pants are usually loose and comfortable to support free movement and allow golfers to make powerful swings. The most popular materials for pants are cotton and polyester blends. Shorts, if allowed, are usually restricted to longer Bermuda-style ones. You will usually be required to wear a belt if the pants or shorts have belt loops. Most courses expect men to tuck their shirt.

Women have more options in golf bottoms. They can wear long pants, skirts, shorts, capris, or a golf skirt commonly known as skorts. Skirts must not go higher than 4 inches above the knees.

Denim jeans, basketball shorts, and workout attires are generally prohibited in most golf courses.

Golf Shoes

Golf ShoesAn excellent pair of golf shoes is an essential part of a great overall game. Golf shoes are specifically designed to provide traction while you’re walking on the greens, help stabilize your swing, protect you against weather elements, and increase your comfort level.

Most golf shoes are fitted with rubber or plastic spikes on the soles to secure a golfer’s toe hold. These spikes prevent slipping and sliding on the course and may need replacement after some time.

Golf Gloves

Golf GlovesGolf gloves are protective apparel that can help reduce blisters. Most professional golfers wear a glove on their non-predominant hand to stabilize their grip when driving maximum capacity shots and take it off before putting.

Head wear

An appropriate headgear provides protection from different weather elements. Baseball caps, beanies, wide-brimmed hats, or visors are some of the most common choices by golfers.

Watches, magnetic jewelry, belts, undergarments, and socks are the other essential parts of a golfer’s apparel.

Wearing and using appropriate and high quality golf apparel can help you excel on the course and enjoy the game at the same time. You will find the best quality golf apparel from top brands at incredibly low prices when you shop at, the most reliable seller of golf wear, accessories, and equipment.

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How To Spot A Bad Keynote Speaker

Sometimes, it’s not that simple to differentiate a bad speaker from a good speaker. Both are usually eloquent, charming and charismatic. They are speakers after all so they’ll be great at convincing you that they can give the best speech.

How do you spot the bad egg from the good one?

If you’ve been given the challenging task of finding the right keynote speaker for an upcoming company event then you may just have your work cut out for you.

Below are some of the traits and characteristics that can help you determine if your speaker is a bad one.

1. He has poor people skills

At the initial meeting, you can size up your speaker immediately by how he relates to you and how he talks to you. Does he make you feel comfortable while he is talking? Is he abrupt and too quick to dismiss your ideas? Does he sound arrogant and act like he already knows what he is doing? Does he use language, which is deemed inappropriate in a professional setting?

Good Speakers

These are signs that the speaker is being unprofessional and has poor people skills. His actions and tone at the initial meeting will give you a preview of how he will most likely talk to your audience at the company event.

2. He is often AWOL

Most professional speakers would meet or make contact with their client after the contract has been signed and payments have been made at least 1-2 times before the scheduled event. They’d also give feedback to the client whenever the client asks them how they are progressing. If your speaker suddenly disappears after he got his 50% down payment and won’t answer your calls or emails then you may have a hired a bad egg. No matter how busy a person is, if he values his clients, he will make time to contact you.

3. He does not make inquiries about the event

Keynote speakerThis is a red flag right here. The speech of a keynote speaker has to be closely tied with the purpose of the event. If he does not even bother to ask what the event is or what he is expected to say then you should be worried.

Good speakers ask about the company’s purpose, who are the target audience, how many people will be in attendance, who are the other speakers and other important information that will make him a more effective speaker at your event. He will be talking, at least in part, about your company so he should know more about it.

4. He has too many props in his presentation

Stipulate in your contract that the speaker will submit a rough draft of his presentation at least 2 weeks before the event. This will give you some time to find a replacement if you find you don’t like his presentation.

His presentation should be neat and orderly. If he uses too many props and his presentation is littered with spreadsheets and irrelevant images then he may not be that effective in giving his speech. Of course how he will deliver his speech still matters, but too much unnecessary elements on the presentation can be confusing and may make the audience lose their focus on the topic.

5. He talks fast

Guest SpeakersA good keynote speaker should know how to pace his speech and tone so that the audience can grasp the concepts that he is discussing. Before meeting with the speaker, ask him for a sample of his work or search for them online. Most speakers will have their own website showcasing their abilities so ask your potential speaker if he has one. Be your own sleuth and find out how he talks to the audience by attending an event where he is the speaker.

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6. His style does not match your company’s overall image

You wanted to hire a speaker who is well known, but his style of speaking may offend the major shareholders of the company who have traditional views. This does not necessarily mean he’s a bad speaker. It just means that he’s not the right one for your event. No matter how badly you want to hire him if he’s not the right fit, don’t force it.

Bad keynote speakers won’t always exhibit these kinds of behaviors in the first few meetings. Sometimes, it’s not until the event itself that you will find out that you hired the wrong one. To avoid this, always be cautious and learn more about your speaker before hiring him.